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Nowadays  as a response to many failures of the shrimp industries  due to some diseases encountered by many shrimp grower.  NO WATER CHANGE concept has been introduced by WHITE CRANEfrom the past two decades. Before our traditional practice in shrimp farming is to change cultured pond water by 20% and even up to 60% of the volume or depending on how dense is the cultured pond water is, and its affect the ecological balance in the pond, hence, the cultured organism (shrimp/prawn) become stress by abrupt changes in parameters such as, pH, temperature, salinity, transparency, etc. Since then our technology become modified, the “WCSS Bio-Floc” naturally purified in  “NO WATER CHANGE SYSTEM”.

Bacteria live in every corner of the pond and pond bottom is the main place that could be exposed to bacteria. Black Tiger Shrimp (P. monodon) a benthic kind of prawn that mostly stay on the pond bottom. BIOCHIP is a biological product that is suited to clean up and condition the pond bottom. It is made in granular that sink directly to the bottom of the  cultured pond to perform a biological process.

All  WHITE CRANE  PRODUCTS  is the biological product that has NO CHECMICAL S, NO ANTI-BIOTICS, therefore ORGANIC FARMING being practice. Proper pond preparation, good water culture, best monitoring and inspection, enough aeration/oxygen and correct usage of the WHITE CRANE PRODUCTS with WCSS  it will lead to “SUCCESS’’.

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