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Probiotic and Prebiotic Supplement
All natural with Pro-Gut Synbiotic Formula

-  Promotes Good Health
-  Increases Good Bacteria
-  Prevents Coccidiosis
-  Prevents Necrotic enterisis
-  Cleanses Digestive System
-  Acts as Growth Enhancer
-  Nice Feathering
-  Reduce Waste Smell

Appearance : Granule 

How to Use:

For Chicks
“Day Old to 3 Months”
  - mix 1 sachet for every kilo of Feed and fed 3 times per week from day old  till 6 months old.

“For Stags, Cocks & Brood cock”
Maintenance:  Give 2 Caplets per Day.
Recovery from Antibiotic or Deworming Treatment: 2 Caplets per Day for 7 Days after treatment of antibiotic.

Artificial Chicks Need Probiotics
Under the conditions, animals pick up their microflora from adult animals and from the environment very quickly. But under conditions of modern animal production, things are different. Chicks hatch in extremely clean conditions and do not have contact with adult animals. For them to build up and establish a well-balanced microflora is difficult. During that time, the chicks are not protected against pathogenic microbes.
For chicks, it is crucial to develop a protective microflora as early and as fast as possible, which can be supported by the application of probiotic. They provide conditions in the chicks intestine that favor the colonization by beneficial microbes.

Net weight : 100 gram
Pack: 500 mg x 200 caplets