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A biological accelerator to improve water quality

It helps shrimp to gain better immune system, and reduce risk of disease. Suitable for use in fish and shrimp ponds.

-  Prevent water pollution
-  Reduce ammonia level
-  Prevent nitrite occurrence
-  Eliminate lab-lab
-  Induce beneficial plankton
-  Enhance plankton growth
-  Create food for plankton
-  Digest organic matter in the water
-  Maintain healthy water parameters
-  Can be used as probiotic to suppress vibrio in shrimp ponds

A. If ammonia occur, use 5 bags (500 gram) per 1,000 ton water to reduce ammonia.
B. If shrimp get sick, use 5 bags (500 gram) per 1,000 ton water for first time and then 1 bag per 1,000 ton every 12 hours for
5 days to clear pathogenic bacteria (vibrio). 
C. If shrimp get sick, use 1 bag (100 gram) mix to 10 kg. feed. Feed every meal, every day for 7-10 days. Even shrimp stop 
dying after 3 days, but continue to feed for 7-10 days.

Remark : For water application, if water is clear, use in
the morning around 8.00 a.m. and if water is green, use
6.00 p.m. To use BioTime to make zoo plankton for water
quality control. (Add fermented food*)

Net Weight : 100 g