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BioPond a water conditioner formulated particularly for use in koi ponds and any other fish and shrimp ponds where water must be kept clean  
and clear at all time. BioPond contains anti residue product and biochemical product to instantly eliminate ammonia (NH3) and nitrite (NO2)   within  short period. At the same time, our biological bacteria will work to prevent reoccurrence of ammonia and nitrite. BioPond will eliminate the protein in the water, thus prevent water to become green. Green water may be diminished after daily usage of 3-5 days. Ponds will have crystal clear water after few days of usage. Fish  will be healthy and strong, eat well. BioPond can prevent and cure pathogenic bacteria disease, such as vibrio disease or red  body disease and aeromonas disease.
Usage : 
For newly water change pond, use 2 tablets (10 gram) per 1 ton water for the first application and thereafter use 1 tablet (5 gram) per 1 ton water weekly.
For old ponds with bad water condition, use 2 tablets (10 gram) per 1 ton water on first day and use 1 tablet (5 gram) per 1 ton water daily for another 3-5 days or until water turns clear. Thereafter use 1 tablet (5 gram) per 1  ton water weekly for prevention.
For treatment of disease, use 1 tablet (5 gram) per 1 ton water daily for 5-10 days or until disease subside.