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Reduce inflammation of the joints,tendons

MaxiColla Collagen with Probiotics and Prebiotic (FOS), Yeast, 
Sesame Oil, Vitamin B complex, Chromium, Amino Acids and 
Essential Vitamins Give your lovely pet 
the following benefits: 

►Prevent your pet from the cartilage wearing away 
►Reduce inflammation of the joints, tendons 
►Restore the body health 
►Give liveliness, good health, enthusiasm. 
►Balance the digestive system and prevent the constipation 
►Nourish skin and healthy hair making them soft and shiny 
►Treat skin lesions caused by chronic diseases, such as Fungal Infection.

Usage : 1 tablet (2.5 g) per 5 kilogram body weight per day

Packing size :  100 g (40 tablets) 250 g (100 tablets)