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C.R. # 6

A most popular red color enhancer vitamin for all kinds of red fish.

C.R.#6will increase red color to all red fish, such as arrowana, red gourami, oscars, red discus, gold fish, carp, etc. Fish will eat and grow well. 
C.R.#6 can be used on breeder fish without any side effect. This product does not contain sex hormone and results can be achieved within 7 days. 

Usage :
10 g  : 1 spoon ( 1 gram)   
Live  Feed :  Use  1-2 spoons  to  100 gram  live  feed,  such  as  daphnia,  shrimp  egg,  shrimp  meat,  tubifex  worm,  etc,  
On dry feed :  dosage  should  be  increased  to  3-4  spoons  per  100 gram  feed,  

100 g , 500 g  : 1 spoon ( 5 gram)   
Live Feed : Use 2-4 spoons to 1 kilogram live feed, such as daphnia, shrimp egg. shrimp meat, tubifex worm, etc,  
On dry feed : dosage should be increased to 10-12 spoons per 1 kg feed.  
Recommendation : Dilute Vitamin to 150 cc water and mix well to dry food, air dry and keep in refrigerator if not consumed.

Net Weight  :10 g. , 100 g. , 500 g