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C.R. # 5

A multivitamin color enhancer for all color

The most used color enhancer  vitamin for feeding to every kind of fish, such as cichlids, gourami, angels, guppies, tetras, barbs, goldfish, carp, etc. Fish will eat and grow well. 
This product will give full blue, green, black, golden, orange, and all color. This product does not contain sex hormone and results can be achieved within 7 days.

Usage :
10 g  : 1 spoon ( 1 gram)   
Live  Feed    :  Use  1-2 spoons  to  100 gram  live  feed,  such  as  daphnia,  shrimp  egg,  shrimp  meat,  tubifex  worm,  etc, 
On dry feed :  dosage  should  be  increased  to  3-4  spoons  per  100 gram  feed, 
100 g , 500 g  : 1 spoon ( 5 gram)   
Live Feed     :  Use 2-4 spoons to 1 kilogram live feed, such as daphnia, shrimp egg. shrimp meat, tubifex worm, etc,  
On dry feed : dosage should be increased to 10-12 spoons per 1 kg feed.  
Recommendation : Dilute Vitamin to 150 cc water and mix well to dry food, air dry and keep in refrigerator if not consumed.

Net Weight  :10 g. , 100 g. , 500 g