Aquarium fish

Product for betta/cichlid/guppy

A powder form Anti parasite medicine

For control of fish parasites and protozoa, such as louse, anchor worm, gill flukes, body flukes, trichodina, white spots, and other protozoa. It is made especially for KOI and GOLDFISH, however it can also be used for other fishes, but not ARROWANA or MYTENIS or other sensitive fishes. 

Usage : 
10 g  , 50  g  :  1 spoon (1 gram) per 100 litre of water. Repeat dose after 48 hours when necessary. No water change needed.
250 g , 1 kg  :  1 spoon (5 gram) per 500 litre of water. Repeat dose after 48  hours when necessary. No water change needed.
For  prevention  :  use weekly for 4  weeks and then once in every 2 weeks for long term.

Net Weight : 10 g , 50 g , 250 g , 1 kg